Clarke & Clarke X Breegan Jane


With a shared love for the power of pattern the Clarke & Clarke x Breegan Jane collaboration is a modern design force with a globally inspired outlook.

Breegan Jane, interior designer, author and philanthropist, lends her design eye for enhanced naturalistic detail to this exciting, dynamic collection, designed with Clarke & Clarke.

Breegan’s global style sensibilities, combined with her love of captivating and visually intoxicating interior styles called out to Clarke & Clarke as the perfect design collaboration. With an aligned perspective for offering truly modern design that has a versatility of application and a breadth of design possibilities, this new collection marks the start of an exciting design relationship, pairing our taste for modern British design and aspirational luxury, with Breegan’s exquisite take on approachable style for home interiors.

On the instant connection and working with Clarke & Clarke, Breegan said, “The collaboration felt extremely synergistic… I loved being able to bring a fresh, youthful perspective on luxury as a California native with an affinity for travel.


Worldly inspiration

Deeply inspired by her worldly travels and philanthropic work, Breegan’s eye for detail captures the dramatic side of nature in this collection. African patterning and nature’s references blend with a taste of the tropical, lifting designs to become contemporary classics.

A global perspective has allowed Breegan Jane to look beyond the everyday and source inspiration from her extensive travel and philanthropic work. “When we are able to look beyond ourselves, we can recognise how vast everything else is. Patterns like animal prints, or colours and lines that speak to nature and the ocean are subtle ways to infuse those elements into a space. We can’t carry the ocean around with us in a purse, but we can use patterns that feel reminiscent of those natural wonders on walls… A palm tree print can evoke a sense of serenity and island life that ushers in those feelings.”

This affinity with our natural world is shared by the design team at Clarke & Clarke with a collection that reveals brand new designs, created exclusively with Breegan Jane. Both design and colour palette came together in an organic blending of talents that explore the depths of designs in rich and enticing colourways, enhancing patterns and throwing a new perspective on wallpaper and fabric designs. Bregan adds “Nature-inspired prints have a way of appealing to us because of the undeniable beauty of the outdoors. There’s a connection we all share with nature that reminds us of something so much greater than ourselves.”


Designs that mirror the world’s landscape 

The beauty of the designs in this collection is their shared connection with nature but the individualistic styling of each one. On creating the designs, Breegan says, “I worked with Clarke & Clarke to create prints and patterns that would embody the almost immortal feeling of California palm trees, the serenity of the ocean and the strength of the Kenyan people and land. We were able to create patterns that relate to and complement one another, as well as serve a vast variety of tastes and palettes.”

With a colour palette that delves into the bright and optimistic, but always with a heady, luxurious twist, each design has a playful feel, from the abstract palms and 80s LA rooftop visual of Malindi, to the grounded, illustrative quality of Kisumu. Serengeti and Nairobi marvel at the power of a blended palette that blurs the lines of design, quite literally, while Pokot layers animalistic prints for a contemporary take on a much-loved design style.

“This collection breathes the captivating sights, sounds and scenes from my favourite places on earth. Each time I visit Kenya, even from a standpoint of philanthropy, I’m completely overtaken by the lush, picturesque landscape. With every vacation I take to Ibiza I’m hypnotised by the vibrant nightlife and tranquil waters that redefine opulence and carefree living for me. LA’s iconic palm trees and understated elegance throughout the city are the roots of ‘home’ for me as a southern California native. By incorporating elements from these locations that I frequent, I hope to instil hints of global beauty, comfort and opulence into homes and interior spaces around the world.” – Breegan Jane.

For Clarke & Clarke, this collaboration has been both exciting and empowering, opening up on another perspective to be able to create a collection that speaks a global design language for interiors across the world, “Working with Breegan has allowed us to tap into a global design style from an exciting new perspective. Her work in the US is the perfect mix of eclectic and modern, which we love here in the Clarke & Clarke design studio. From the plains of African, to the sun-drenched landscape of Ibiza, we’re so excited to see how this collection is embraced and worked into interior schemes.” – Jayne Wilson, Design Brand Manager, Clarke & Clarke.

Comprising of eight wallpapers and 10 fabric designs, all wallpaper is printed on FSC certified substrates and printed in the UK using sustainable, traceable sources.



posted on 01 Feb 2024 in Interiors

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